I understand business.

Now-days, it has become crucial for most businesses to have an online presence.

In the past, websites had to be individually designed by engineers who had an extensive knowledge of computer code. This made the initial cost of a website out of reach for the small mom and pop businesses that contribute so much to our local economy.

More recently, website templates are being employed, streamlining the web design process and  making it a lot less expensive.

Many companies still charge thousands of dollars for a simple website and many also are charging astronomical fees monthly for “maintenance”.

Having been self employed most of my working life, I understand the importance of being able to afford a website.

Being semi-retired, and working out of my home, I am able to give my customers individualized attention and build them a beautiful customer friendly website at a very reasonable price.

(Base Price = #350.00)

Although this is my personal website, I have the backing, support and creative and technical experience of a first class graphics design company, MCA Graphic Solutions Inc. behind me.

Together, we will work with you to build a successful online presence.

We are able to not only build a beautiful website, but can also get your website and/or your brick and mortar store noticed in the community.

Some ways we help;

  • Build (or rebuild your old) “responsive” website . (Looks good on all devices)
  • Improve Google (and other search engine) rankings with onsite & offsite SEO.
  • Build social media presence.
  • Set up ppc campains. (Paid Advertising)
  • Create email templates and campaigns.
  • Video production.
  • Professional photo shots.
  • Logo and other graphic design services.
  • Blog creation.
  • Article writing.
  • Pres Releases.
  • Place ads on your site to raise additional revenue.
  • Print marketing including brochures, rack cards, business cards, pamphlets, banners, post cards for bulk mailing or every door direct mail. (EDDM), and much more.

I and my associates are committed to helping you succeed   —  either with us doing all the work  or by teaching you how to do some of it yourself so you can save money down the line.

This is just an example website.

It probably won’t be exactly what you are looking for. There are thousands of theme choices for us to choose from and each of those themes can be further customized to fit your needs.

I have used several web design platforms over the 8+ years I’ve been doing business online.

I am now using Word Press as it allows for much more flexibility in the design process….

The slides in the presentation below show some of the changes that can be made within a single theme…

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Be sure and visit my new website – BWSites.net

Panel 1


This is just one example of how a contact form might look.

These forms can be custom designed to meet your needs. – they can even be made to  include an application form.